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Granite is the hardest of the natural stone surface materials, making it an ideal choice for countertops and vanities, as well as flooring and numerous exterior applications. Resulting from molten rock cooling and solidifying beneath the earth’s surface, trapping complex and precious minerals within its structure, granite is igneous rock that provides flowing and swirling layers of color and unmatched strength and durability.

Granite countertops are low-maintenance and retain their beauty throughout the years. The many available stylish patterns and colors make it the most versatile and popular of all decorative natural stone surfaces. Granite will stand up to the most demanding usage.

Key Benefits

Heat Resistant

Granite surfaces can withstand extreme temperatures, meaning they will not melt or blister when exposed to heat. Hot pans can be placed directly on the countertop surface without any harm.

Stain and Scratch Resistant

When properly treated, granite is a stain-resistant countertop surface that can be scratched by very few minerals or materials. You can cut directly on it, although your knives will quickly become dull.

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops have a low likelihood of needing to be repaired or resurfaced. Stone Gallery of the Lakes adds a 7-year sealer to all tops fabricated in our shop, and with our everyday cleaner w/sealer you will never need to seal your tops again!

Natural Beauty

Featuring colors and patterns produced naturally by Mother Nature, granite surfaces provide a variety of color options and patterns to match nearly any décor.

Michigan-Based Supplier

Stone Gallery of the Lakes proudly partners with several slab suppliers throughout Michigan, including Farmington Hills, Grand Rapids and Lansing area suppliers.

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