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Marble is a natural stone surface material formed by metamorphic rock that becomes swirled or clouded with color, though calcite and dolomite marble slabs can appear pure white. Its unique coloring is derived from the various elements and compounds a given slab contains.

Due to its luxurious appearance and cool touch, marble countertops are the perfect material and a popular choice for bathrooms and living areas. Because marble is more porous and less durable than granite, use in kitchen spaces is not recommended; however, kitchen applications are not uncommon and a personal choice.

Key Benefits


While marble provides perhaps the most elegant look of the natural stones, it is typically less expensive than granite or quartz.

Spectacular Beauty

Of all the natural stones, marble offers the widest array of available colors and unique designs. Ideal surface material for an opulent aesthetic.

Heat Resistant

A marble surface can stand up to heat from hot pots and pans or curling irons being placed on it; though you should avoid prolonged contact.

Ideal for Baths

Bathroom countertops are more likely to be exposed to alkaline products, which do not react with Marble and cause staining.

Michigan-Based Supplier

Stone Gallery of the Lakes proudly partners with several slab suppliers throughout Michigan, including Farmington Hills, Grand Rapids and Lansing area suppliers.

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