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Stone Gallery of the Lakes proudly partners with Solera Sinks to offer an array of innovative sink designs in a variety of quality materials. Solera uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture its products, which are covered under a limited lifetime warranty. The wide variety of available designs and materials ensures we’ll be able to help you match the perfect sink to your natural stone countertop.

Material Choices
Kitchen Sinks

Material Choices
Kitchen Sinks

Most people think of a kitchen sink in terms of the utility it provides, but it can also be a key design piece. Stone Gallery of the Lakes offers an array of kitchen sink material choices to meet nearly any design aesthetic.


Stainless steel sinks come in a variety of bowl shapes and sizes, and feature a brushed satin finish that helps conceal small scratches.

Each sink is fully insulated to help prevent dripping and condensation buildup under the sink, feature a sound-dampening pad to minimize noise, and are guaranteed not to rust or stain.


Comprised of 80% quartzite and 20% acrylic construction, composite granite sinks are scratch- and stain-resistant, able to withstand temperatures of 550° F, and are unaffected by abrasive household cleaners.

These come in six colors that offer a match to nearly any countertop: carbon, pewter, umber, concrete, ecru and ivory. All composite granite sinks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Copper sinks are crafted from 99% pure mined copper. These sinks are easy to maintain because copper is naturally antibacterial and will not run or stain, and are made using a one-piece construction process, giving you the strongest sink possible.

Each sink is fully insulated with sound-dampening pads to ensure ultimate satisfaction.


Bamboo has a better tensile and compression strength than steel and is denser than most hardwoods.

Each Solera bamboo sink is made from 100% natural bamboo stalks and treated with a varnish sealer to ensure they remain waterproof; this also provides a finished look that enhances the natural patterns and warm hues.


Fireclay sinks are fired at 2,000° F, which results in a smooth, durable body. If you are seeking a classic farmhouse-style sink for your kitchen design, a Solera fireclay sink is an excellent option.

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